Have been thinking about how to get customers setup quickly and easily when they first enter and had a few ideas I think could be quickly and easily integrated into SBVR and make things much easier for customers!
First up I'd like to be able to enable a customisable "Popup" at the beginning of a session, like the Advertisements, personally I want to add in a graphic with instructions for people it would include An "Alignment Graphic", this would be for when they first enter to use when adjusting the IPD, a lot of people are confused about what they should be looking at when they first do this, having instructions and something for them to focus on would be excellent!
Next part is them being able to then either "Skip" or "Go to Tutorial" which would be options at the bottom of this popup, "Skip" closes down the popup and takes them to the menu as usual "Go to Tutorial" would run them through a proper Tutorial but inside the menu. At the moment I currently have to explain the menu and get them to do the Tutorial, I'd rather use their first time in the menu as the Tutorial. So when they hop in it shows and highlights for them the sections such as "Game Panel", "Filter Panel" and "Timer/Call Help Panel", it then guides them to the "VR Tutorial" by getting them to select a filter (eg, Easy) and then scroll down which are two of the fundamentals. The tutorial then asks them to hover their laser over the VR Tutorial showing them the Video Previews, gets them to select the "VR TutoriaL" and inside describes the "Description", "Back Button" and the "Start Button" before then getting them to start up the Tutorial"
This gets the person doing everything they need to do to be able to successfully navigate the system, people who are sharing are also able to watch on the screen and see the Tutorial as well and then all be ready to go.