Hi Springboard! We really enjoyed using Springboard for the past two fairs. Overall it was a very positive experience. Our web/graphics guy had some requests that would make it even better. Let us know what you think!
From @Bradley Kyle Anderson
Wanted to write out a few quick changes I have been wondering about for the Springboard CRM. First, I think it would be a good idea to ask if there is any way to get the waiver solution for kids completed within the system. @Rachel Renee and I chatted about some different solutions, but if we could keep it all proprietary and simply have a section where the adult waiver could include a line for dependants, that would be awesome. That seems like an issue most places would face, not just a traveling VR operation, so I don't see why they wouldn't want to add that feature.
The other question we should chat with them about is trickier. Right now, to book a VR escape room for Benton Fair, I have to jump through 2 splash pages that show the fair location options, then an explanation page with the dates, then land on the actual booking page, where there is still a chance that they could choose the wrong dates. That's a total of 4 clicks I have to make before even entering my information if a user sees a social ad about these offerings. For perspective, we lost people on music social ads by almost half after 1 extra click was added on the single click portal.
To make this more streamlined, we should be able to set up and generate multiple storefront URLs based on isolated date ranges. The experiences can stay the same - we just need the assurance of knowing the user will always choose a date that is available in their given territory. As long as that is the case, and we have one URL per fair with the correct date range, we should be able to market them effectively. Right now, our online signup rate is going to be very slim because of this UI issue.
Let me know your thoughts! Thank you guys!
Mark Miller
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Founder/President - Brave Enough Entertainment