Certain games just have those specific things that we like to tell our customers when they jump into a game. It would be nice if in the title's settings on SBVR Library that we could write this customer message and it would pop up in the HMD view for X amount of seconds after the game is launched.

Examples of things I would say:

- Zombie Training Simulator - "Your guns are directly behind you, turn around and walk towards them and grab with the trigger"

- SUPERHOT - "Use the grip button on the side of the controller with your middle finger or ring finger to grab objects"

- Google Earth - "Push the thumbpad on your dominant hand to start, or pull the trigger to get into the tutorial"

- Job Simulator - "If you're short, open the "Options" panel at the beginning and lift the LEFT switch up to adjust game's height"

These are all things that when we see people jumping in that we always run over to tell them and it would help to have an auto-message system telling them these things that the developers haven't included for our customers to catch on faster.